Keeping in the loop

Apr 16, 2016 10:01 · 361 words · 2 minutes read

As a developer keeping ones finger on the pulse is almost a full time job alone. I am a firm believer that the day I no longer care about the goings on in the tech world is probably the day I should find an J2EE Enterprise Job.

Giant Robots

I am really enjoying this right now; Ben is an excellent host. Recently the format evolved and Ben and Chris spend an a while talking about their products they manage at Thoughtbot, it is basically an ear into their product retrospective. I have found these episodes incredibly enlightening as a Developer who is increasingly getting involved with the Product side of things.

Runtime is normally around the forty minute mark. For me this is my commute sweet spot.

Ruby Rogues

As a primary Django/Python guy I only dip in and out of Ruby Rogues; I am less concerned about concrete Rails topics and more about the mixture of excellent Software Engineering and non Rails content they put out. Just listening to some of the discussions and viewpoints of the panel makes its worthwhile in itself.

Runtime is normally around the hour mark.

JavaScript Jabber

Again, as more an 8020 Backend to Frontend, I am not a diligent listener. Although unlike Ruby Rogues I make an effort to listen to the concrete framework discussions as there are some exciting stuff coming out of the JavaScript Community.

Runtime is normally around the hour mark.

The Changelog

Open source podcasts with a wide variety of topics, tools and technology. I pick and choose based on interest in the topic at Hand because the episodes can be quite long.

Runtime is usually one to two hours.

Hacker news digest

Because I like to pretend that I could possibly have missed something on Hacker News. Yeah, right?

Python Weekly

Mandatory reading; the Friday Evening delivery can result in some neglect on my part. Apologies.

The Changelog Weekly

The guys who do the Podcast also produce a weekly email. This is great as it covers such a wide array of topics and technologies that there is always something worth a read.